About the nail studio

Tiny Details is a private nail studio located in the Pearl in NW Portland. Nail services in a private studio are a unique experience and a complete departure from the traditional nail salon environment most clients are familiar with. During our time together I am fully focused on providing a safe, clean, custom, and enjoyable experience. I throughly vet the products and equipment I use on my clients, investing in only those that meet my standards of quality and performance. There is a pervasive belief that “gel ruins nails,” at Tiny Details I strive to demonstrate how gel enhancements, applied and removed properly, do just the opposite and look great doing it. Most importantly, I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to clients. Every person’s nails are different and their needs must be addressed individually for the best results. 

About the nail artist

Hi, I’m Molly! I’m a PNW native and an Oregon licensed nail technician since April 2019. I discovered nails during grad school in 2013. As a classically trained musician and skilled project manager, I found the marriage of my creative and organizational skill sets in the form of my own private nail studio. My ultimate goal is to inspire joy in my clients when they look at their hands and I believe that there is an unparalleled level of confidence that well-kept nails bring to ones life. I enjoy collaborating with my clients and bringing their ideas to life but I have a particular affinity for subtle nuance and glitter (sometimes in the same set). When I’m not cultivating happy hands in the studio you can find me oogling strangers dogs on the streets of Portland.