Racist, sexist, homophobic, and/or asshole individuals are not welcome at Tiny Details nail studio.

Rescheduling + Cancellations

I request 24 hours notice for any cancellations or rescheduling. 

Clients who no-call-no-show for their appointment will not be rebooked. 

Late Arrivals

Appointments are scheduled to allot the necessary time required to provide my clients with a thorough and un-rushed experience. I respect my clients’ time and I ask that they respect mine by showing up on time (or even better, a little early!). Late arrivals may require me to amend the service(s) originally booked in order to fit it into the remaining time available, and in certain cases, may result in a cancelled appointment.  

Communication is key when plans go sideways! Please reach out to me if you are delayed or are experiencing an extenuating circumstance!


Payment is due at the end of your service and is accepted via credit/debit card only. 

Scope of Practice

It is outside of my scope of practice and against Oregon state regulation for me to diagnose, treat, or work on individuals demonstrating contraindications, such as warts, open wounds, or apparent nail diseases or disorders. Should I determine a client has a contraindication I will discontinue the service and refer them to a physician. 

I will not perform services over product that was applied by other nail technicians. 

At this time I do not product that was not applied by me.

At this time I only work on those 18 and older.

Additional Guests

Clients are welcome to bring a friend along (and I love doing back to back friend appointments!) but children and pets are not allowed in the studio and I ask that clients limit additional guests to one due to space constraints in the studio.


My dedication to you, the client, is providing you with beautiful, healthy hand and nail care in a welcoming, safe, fun, and clean environment. I promise to treat you with respect, listen to you thoughtfully, and affirm you and your identity. 

Your dedication to me, the nail technician, is a respect of my time, my skills, and a trust that I will provide for you with the best service I can.  

Molly, owner of Tiny Details PDX

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and/or terminate the client/provider relationship at any time for any reason.